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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Amazing Race *6th Assignment*

So the lack of sleep is getting to me. I pulled an all-nighter!!! Ugghh...and now you can tell that I haven't slept! LOL...I looked at the other gals work and almost started crying because they were so fabulous. Certainly made me feel like I didn't do a good enough job. Seriously, it's kinda funny how emotional I get on no sleep. Trying to regroup and hope to impress with the next challenge, which by the way, will be the last.

So this time the clue took us to Scrapbook Doodle. The assignment was to use the tab sheets and make a mini album that is fabric bound, and use the French Market line. Essentially I made an album from scratch. It was kind of fun! I am very proud of the binding I did. :)

Here's my album...there are A LOT of pictures.

The recipe cards are continued on the backs. As you can see I combined real recipes (food) with life recipes. :) Well, thanks for looking! The next clue is posted in an hour....we are approaching the final leg!

Have an awesome Tuesday!